How we helped amplify calls for a Supreme Court confirmation

The Client

The Constitutional Responsibility Project (CRP) launched the #WeNeedNine campaign to organize the efforts of dozens of public leaders, hundreds of allies and millions of Americans to pressure Senate Republicans to do their jobs and fulfill their constitutional duty by giving President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees, Chief Judge Garland, a fair hearing and up or down vote.

The Opportunity

CRP leveraged multiple vehicles to advocate for a hearing and vote on Chief Judge Garland for the Supreme Court. Through earned media and online and offline organizing, CRP educated the American public about President Obama’s nominee and the Republican failure to do their jobs. With multiple strategic initiatives running simultaneously, the campaign needed a central brand, website, and social media content to coordinate, advance and highlight their efforts.

The Strategy

We developed a brand and responsive website,, for the campaign, as well as a series of social media content for the organization, partners and policy-makers to leverage across their channels. The campaign include unique daily infographics counting the number of days Judge Garland went without a hearing. The website integrated a simple CMS for easy updates and a CRM to organize supporters. An interactive tool allowed users to quickly explore how many Supreme Court justices had been confirmed in a selected number of days.