Mobilize Beliefs

1. We believe relationships matter.

Maintaining a spreadsheet of names and emails is too often confused with having an actual base of supporters. Working to meet expectations or inflate vanity metrics, organizations seek to grow the size of their rosters relentlessly, as opposed to developing meaningful relationships with their current supporters. This creates a constant churn, and the need to continuously add even more new names to maintain the earlier levels of engagement. We believe building stronger bonds even with a smaller base will yield greater returns and fuel smarter growth. Respect your supporters, invest time in building relationships with them, and then ask them to return the commitment.

2. We believe in creating Critically.

Content is ubiquitous. Good content is not. It is becoming increasingly challenging to break through the noise, so before investing time in creating a piece of content for any channel, organizations should consider their authority to speak on the topic, the intended goals and audiences for the content and the unique value it will offering to the conversation. We believe the best content for advancing change seeks to educate audiences about a problem and provides a meaningful mechanism to engage in the solution.

3. We believe in trust and loyalty.

Facts and fiction are blurring in the disperse digital landscape. Audiences are searching for trusted sources that provide research and resources that validate their viewpoints. Issue organizations can serve as this source, compensate for the failures of traditional media, and as a result, endear more trust and loyalty amongst their supporters.

4. We believe in building better tools.

Too often, organizations embark on building tools just because they can, without consideration of existing products or whether the tool will actually be used. We believe in lean, intuitive design that centers around user demands and experience. Our process begins with discovery, where we carefully consider the desired outcomes of the organization, the features and feasibility of existing tools, and most importantly, how an end user might derive value. We leverage usage data to inform future decisions for the digital tools we develop and the predictive models and targeting we generate to fuel supporter growth and messaging.

5. We believe in embracing networks.

Networks will continue to democratize and decentralize power with disperse nodes of influence driving decisions and action. Organizations need to be comfortable with less control and develop leaders within the networks who can inform and mobilize their followers. Organizations should build infrastructure, provide resources and set the vision, but the network will ultimately drive execution.

6. We believe in giving more.

Good is good, but it’s not good enough. We believe we all can give more. We strive to go above and beyond and over-deliver. We constantly search for new ideas and innovation to inspire our work. We only take on projects that we are personally passionate about, and when we commit to a project, we execute with efficiency, hit milestones and meet every deadline.

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