POTUS discusses AI, Debates go digital, Resources for social enterprises

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#Debates /// The second presidential debate on Sunday night broke records on Facebook with nearly 20 million users generating more than 92 million debate-related likes, posts, comments and shares. There were more than 17 million debate-related tweets, and a top tweeted moment included Trump expressing disagreement with Pence on Syria policy. @HillaryClinton saw more Twitter growth with 25K new followers compared to @realDonaldTrump’s 16K. With 90K retweets, the most retweeted tweet came from @BayoumiMoustafa who tweeted “I’m a Muslim, and I would like to report a crazy man threatening a woman on a stage in Missouri. #debate”

Space for Change /// WeWork just launched Mission Possible, which will give selected social enterprises 3-12 sponsored months at a WeWork location, access to mentorship and its global community and other key resources. Apply here.

Movers and Shakers /// LinkedIn released their Next Wave 2016 list of leaders under 35 in technology, government, social impact and other industries. The group includes 1776 managing director Rachel Haot and IBM Digital Innovation Lab senior lead Lexie Komisar.

Crowd Pressure /// 26-year-old Marine veteran Peter James Kiernan has launched a Crowdpac campaign that will donate more than $6 million, including a $5 million commitment from LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, to veterans organizations if Trump releases his tax returns.

Accelerator /// In a New Yorker profile, Sam Altman, head of Y Combinator, reflected on how the accelerator influences innovation and has started to move into more scientifically consequential endeavors. Altman also discussed work with Elon Musk to prevent artificial intelligence from accidentally wiping out mankind and a YC Research project that will study the concept of basic income in Oakland, CA.

Knight Cities Challenge /// The Knight Foundation kicked off their $5 million challenge to help projects in cities that improve talent, opportunity and engagement. Applications are due by November 3rd.

CTO for CZI /// The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has hired a senior Amazon executive to serve as CTO to lead development of in-house tech and products for partners.

Fact Check /// This election has broken records for major fact checking services from NPR and Washington Post. In an interview with Contently, the deputy editor of the Pulitzer-winning PolitiFact shares how her team prepares for an event like a presidential debate.

Meet a Mentor /// General Assembly is connecting twelve individuals working in tech in NYC with a dream team of mentors who can help them surmount barriers they might be facing. Apply here.

Defeat the Dark Side /// Led by Dave McClure of 500 Startups, a group called #Nerdz4Hillary is rallying support for Hillary Clinton in Silicon Valley. The group’s Star Wars themed website includes tech and social enterprise leaders like Eric Ries, Bulbul Gupta and Minerva Tantoco on their Jedi Council.

Clips Worth Clicking /// President Obama discussed how artificial intelligence will affect jobs as part of his guest-edit of the November edition of Wired, which also included an interview and essay from the president. Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated virtual reality that “puts people first” at Oculus Connect.

Upcoming Events /// Canvassing trip to Philadelphia for Hillary Clinton with Daybreaker on October 22. New America panel on Redesigning Primary Education In A Divided Society on October 24th in NYC. Fast Company’s Innovation Festival in NYC from November 1-4 (20% discount with code “BUDDYPASS”). TNW Momentum in Brooklyn on November 16.



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