Resilient Reading, The Campaign Continues, Fax News

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Resistance Recess /// Progressive groups and activists organized a week of rallies and protests at town halls with members of Congress across the country. Much of the focus and outrage centered around how repealing the Affordable Care Act would negatively impact American families. MoveOn developed a tool to coordinate and promote the events that allows users to see activities in their community.

Resilient Reading /// To support its ongoing efforts to build resilient communities, the Rockefeller Foundation launched a news outlet called Zilient that shares best practices, articles, events and other insights for global resilience practitioners. The platform is similar to other philanthropy-backed, issue-oriented outlets, such as gun violence coverage from The Trace, criminal justice news from The Marshall Project, education reform from The 74, and climate change from InsideClimate News.

The Social Network /// Facebook continues to play a prominent role in political activism. In a recent example, a study from the University of Maryland found that 70% of people who attended the Women’s March in D.C. found out about the event on Facebook. In an essay on the platform, Mark Zuckerberg affirmed the company’s commitment to promoting a supportive, safe, informed, inclusive and civically-engaged global community.

The Campaign Continues /// Senior staffers from the Clinton campaign are continuing the fight for progressive policies at new and existing organizations. Campaign Email Director Amanda Littman co-founded an organization called Run For Something that is encouraging young people to run for public office. Thus far, 6,000 people have signed up to run and another 1,500 have joined as volunteers. Another staffer launched Town Hall Project that tracks local town halls, while others are leading efforts to protect the Affordable Care Act.

Map the Impact /// New American Economy, a coalition of mayors and CEOs working to advance immigration reform, released new research and an interactive map detailing the positive contribution of immigrants at the local level. Users can drill down to their Congressional district and see key data points, such as the number of immigrant entrepreneurs and the tax contributions and spending power of immigrants in their community.

Food for Thought /// KIND Snacks founder and CEO Daniel Lubetzky made a $25 million decade-long commitment to fund a new organization he created called Feed the Truth. The advocacy campaign will work to reduce the food industry’s influence in making food policy and regulations.

Fax News /// With emails to Congress carrying little weight and calls jamming office phone lines, advocacy organizations have turned to a communication technology from another decade: the fax machine. Senator Pat Toomey received as many as 300 fax messages in one hour leading up to the DeVos confirmation vote, and has received more than 20,000 faxes this year. FaxZero keeps a tally of the members who have received the most faxes in the previous 24 hours. The members receiving the most pressure are the Senate Republicans who are most likely to break from party ranks with their votes, including Senators Toomey, Collins, Heller and Gardner.

Writing to Warren /// Bill and Melinda Gates addressed their annual letter outlining the work of their foundation to their friend Warren Buffet, who 10 years ago, committed $30 billion to support their foundation. The two philanthropists highlighted a series of figures to depict progress made, including 122 million children’s lives saved since 1990 as a result of vaccine access and other health improvements that halved childhood mortality rates. The letter also discussed the power of family planning, the disproportionate impact of poverty on women and their continued fight to eradicate deadly diseases. In an interview with Mic’s co-founder Jake Horowitz, Bill Gates discussed how fake news has derailed some of the public dialogue on issues like vaccinations and GMOs.

A Path Forward /// In a letter that accompanied his foundation’s annual report, President Clinton reflected on the impact of 15 years of initiatives advanced by the Clinton Foundation and what the future holds for its work around the world. From negotiating affordable rates for HIV/AIDS medication to securing access to healthier food options for more than 20 million American school children to supporting 150,000 farmers in East Africa, President Clinton shared the beliefs that continue to inspire his work, the lasting legacy of the Clinton Global Initiative and the programs that will continue to be the focus of the Foundation’s work going forward.

Developing Opportunity /// General Assembly outlined how it is leveraging its programs and cross-sector partnerships to help underserved communities thrive in the digital economy. GA has implemented a range of programs to advance diversity and inclusion in tech, including scholarships in the Bay Area for a web development immersion course and a partnership with NYC’s Tech Talent Pipeline to train underemployed New Yorkers in data analysis.

Clips Worth Clicking /// The XPrize Foundation CEO Marcus Shingles discussed how to leverage crowdsourcing to drive innovation and social impact in the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Business of Giving podcast. Bill Gates shared why he met with sex workers in India. Katie Couric discussed the role of the media in covering the Trump Administration with Pod Save America.

Upcoming Events /// “How Does Technology Enrich Urban Policy?” panel with SIPA Entrepreneurship & Policy Initiative & Sidewalk Labs panel on February 23rd in NYC. “The Automated Workforce” panel with General Assembly and the Economic Security Project and the Roosevelt Institute on February 23rd in NYC. Politico’s State Solutions Conference on February 24th in DC. “Spin for Success” Soul Cycle ride with the Success Academy young professionals committee on March 12th in NYC.


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