Zuckerberg gets real on fake news, Hamilton cast doesn’t throw away their shot

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Fakebook /// Following the election, Facebook is facing pressure regarding the prominence of fake news articles on its platform. One analysis by BuzzFeed found that in the three months leading into the election, the top fake news articles generated 8.7 million engagements, compared to 7.4 million for real news articles. Mark Zuckerberg has responded twice on his Facebook page, first asserting last week that more than 99% of the content people view on the platform is authentic. After a week of escalating attention, including internal pressure from staff and comments from President Obama, Zuckerberg followed up in another post late Friday night where he outlined the company’s roadmap for tackling fake news going forward and asserted Facebook’s position that “We do not want to be arbiters of truth ourselves, but instead rely on our community and trusted third parties.”

Trump Bump /// Civil rights, women’s rights and environmental groups received record levels of donations in the days following the election. The ACLU collected $7.2 million from 120k contributors even after the organization’s donation page crashed following a 7,000% spike the day after the election. Planned Parenthood has received more than 200k donations with 46k contributions made in the name of Vice President-elect Mike Pence. The Anti-Defamation League witnessed a fifty-fold bump in online donations. And the Sierra Club brought in 11k new monthly donors — nine times the support it received this time last year.

The Room Where it Happened /// Vice President-elect Pence attended Hamilton on Broadway Friday night. After the show, the cast pleaded with Pence to embrace the beautiful diversity of America and “work on behalf of all of us.”

Building for .gov /// In the recent design issue, The New York Times Magazine followed a cohort of Code for America fellows in their journey to build a technology solution to boost San Francisco’s food-stamp participation rate. The project unearthed many of the challenges associated with designing and developing a website for a government agency, ranging from technology and personnel constraints to legal parameters.

Control-Alt-Delete /// In an effort to tackle hate speech on its platform, Twitter has suspended several high-profile accounts connected to the alt-right movement.

Investing in Impact /// Rallied around a concept of “effective altruism,” tech leaders in Silicon Valley are leveraging many of their same business approaches in their philanthropic endeavors, seeking to maximize their impact by committing heavily to early-stage projects and social enterprises.

Platform Wars /// Digital advocacy and organizing platforms NationBuilder and Blue State Digital clashed after NationBuilder touted recent victories by candidates using its tools, including President-elect Donald Trump. Blue State Digital’s Managing Director, Alex Stanton, issued an appeal to progressive organizations urging them to switch to a platform that doesn’t work with clients who oppose their missions.

Workers Organize on WeChat /// As many as one-fifth of Walmart’s workforce in China have taken to the popular messenger WeChat and other social media tools to skirt the country’s crackdown on the nationwide labor movement and self-organize against the company’s low-wages and aggressive scheduling practices.

Clips Worth Clicking /// Lin Manuel published two more songs from the Hamilton Mixtape (the full album is out on December 2nd — I can’t Wait For It!). DJ Patil, the U.S. Chief Data Scientist, shared his views on how data can be used to address excessive force in policing. Leonardo DiCaprio and National Geographic released “Before The Flood,” a new documentary on climate change.



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