Ready for change? Here's why you should use Mobilize...


Save time and money with easy-to-use petition and donation creation tools.


Accept donations fast and reliably through seamless integration with Stripe and transparent fees.

User-driven Campaigning

Users run their own campaign pages and can mobilize more supporters on your behalf to do the same.


Constituents can see who’s mobilizing and engage with others to motivate and drive action.

Social Sharing & Email

Drive more action with social sharing functionality and autoresponders built into the tool.

Rewarding Participation

Earn badges for reaching campaign-specific goals and assign custom rewards to any goal type.

A powerful, flexible campaign management tool to mobilize support.

Create and customize campaigns, petition, donation and social sharing actions in minutes. Turning supporters into mobilizers and give them tools to tap into their networks and fuel growth. Motivate and empower mobilizers through user-attribution tracking and analytics and customizable goals and rewards. Reach and earn more with a tool reimagined for a world gone mobile, with seamless integration to Stripe payments and social sharing functionality built into the experience.

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Powerful action and share page creation tools.

Create petition, donation and sharing pages in minutes. Add and edit custom images, page content and social sharing messages using tools designed for ease of use in a world gone mobile.

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Give power to the people and collaborate on campaign success.

Turn your supporters into Mobilizers with the click of a button and give them access to powerful campaign growth tools. Mobilizers can measure their true impact through a dashboard with user-specific analytics and turn the supporters they’ve earned into Mobilizers to fuel growth.

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Reimagined donation bundling and list building tools.

Powerful user-attribution tracking gives bundlers the true impact of efforts across a campaign. Track and credit donations, signatures and social share actions directly earned by bundler outreach and indirectly gained through the efforts of supporters they’ve converted into mobilizers.

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Reward success and motivate advocates to do more.

Set campaign and user-specific goals and incentivize Mobilizers to do more through a fun, completely customizable reward system seamlessly integrated into the user experience. Activate campaign-specific leaderboards to spur friendly competition and track the progress of Mobilizers.

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Connect where the action is and keep the conversation going.

Mobilize keeps the conversation going with seamless social sharing functionality built into the campaign workflow. Customize sharing graphics, text and keep the conversation going across the social platforms people frequent most.

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Powerful customization designed for simplicity.

Set the types of actions relevant to your campaign, add auto responders that trigger after successful actions are taken and arrange action order within the daisy chain. Do all of this and more from anywhere at anytime using tools developed with our mobile-first development and responsive design approach.

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